Reading Rituals 

Photo credits to myself for finding my old Instagram posts of the countless books I've read!!  Good Morning!  With the day's getting longer, and nights getting later, It comes to a time when your finding yourself getting bored. Whether it is before bed or in a spare half an hour, I love to read. Yes,... Continue Reading →



Hello there!  As an update, because of an issue Spotlight have brought forward the Broadcast. It will be on Monday 2nd May 2016. (Bank Holiday) more details below: My Radio Interview - BBC Radio Cornwall Breakfast Show. Between 6am - 10am.  My documentary - Lunch time Spotlight 13.15 - 13.30pm and Evening Spotlight 18.15 -... Continue Reading →

Be undefiable! 

Do you ever feel drowned in your self? Have you ever felt that it would be easier to just give up, to lock yourself away from the world, to forget any mention of responsibility. In this world, when that feeling approaches you, it's dark aura latches on and you have to use all your mental... Continue Reading →

Recording day…

So yesterday happened... The camera came, I was interviewed, we also got action shots of me caring. I can honestly say that this was the most amazing experience ever... Yesterday morning, I was undeniably nervous, when I'm nervous I tend to get jittery and forget what I'm doing. I get worked up, and so the... Continue Reading →

Mad as a Hatter.

     Good Morning!  Can I just say Thankyou for everything, your reactions to The Big Reveal made me realise the impact that my blog could make. This week has been busy, I cannot tell you how tired I am. (No rest for the weary!) Today, I am starting my new job, in the local cafe downtown. Last... Continue Reading →


    Hello, As promised here is the Big Reveal!  First off can I say a huge Thankyou to everyone who has given me support. I never expected this to go beyond my friends and family. I have viewers in not only England but New Zealand, America, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa and more there are... Continue Reading →

Councilling saved me.

   Good Morning!  It's been a while, but I was finding it too stressful juggling School, Homework, Caring and my blog.So as much as I love blogging to everyone, I had to cut it down a little -  this is one thing I learnt from Joanna. Joanna was my councillor, until about the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Moving Nostalgia… 

   There comes a time in everyone's life to move house, although this is a familiar notion to me. We have moved at least five times in my life. I enjoy it, packing up and leaving for a new adventure. It's often a fresh start for us, and I'm hoping in a way we have... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Trouble

 I have escapes, some are activities and others are physical things. Pets have an amazing intuition, when mum has a bad day, our dog Sasha knows. She just knows... She is thirteen, a Jack Russell Terrier, and I love her. For a Jack Russell Terrier she is soft and friendly, Sasha was the runt of... Continue Reading →

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