A little introduction!

Hi, I’m Olivia, I’m 14 and here’s an introduction to me.

Pigeons are weird creatures, their bobbing heads give them a kooky appearance, silver feathers laced with cold rain from the English weather, accompanied by the mellow chorus of their inquiring coo.

I often think of myself as a Pigeon, an odd one, like I am in life. At the tender age of Fourteen, I cook, clean and care day in and day out ; I’ve been a young carer since I was Eight.

My mother who had battled on so hard for years, as a single parent of three, at only Thirty – five got diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, MS. It was crushing, a numbing inside, why was this happening? My mummy, the lady who stuck by me no matter what, questions buzzed prominently through my mind.

Is she going to die? What are we going to do? Why us? Why couldn’t it be me and not her?

I soon received the answer to the most daunting of these queries…

“No, MS doesn’t kill, she can live just as long as any other person.”

That was a relief. I must admit, that my innocent mind changed dramatically, my thoughts dragged from school work and playing with my friends, to ‘How can I help mum to feel better?’ I threw myself into helping at home, it took a lot of learning and frustration, crying and worry to learn things, things my fellow friends may never understand. I became distant from my generation, they didn’t understand, they wouldn’t understand that my father chose his countless affairs and his abusive
behaviour over his children and loving wife, that my life had never quite got back on track after that and now that my mum was suffering with an illness that would live with her for the rest of her life! They wouldn’t understand that I just wanted to be Normal and care – free, and they certainly wouldn’t understand that I never wanted their pity!

Okay, that’s it from me! There’s more to come, I promise!

All my love,

The odd pigeon


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  1. Hi am does she drink water lots of it and does she feel heat like does she feels tired fatigued or dryness weak legs stomach grawling even she ate blury eyes


    1. Mum tends to drink a lot of water due to the medication she has to take. She does feel the heat and gets really tired, even if she’s just walked around the house. Her legs spasm and cause her to have falls. Mum doesn’t specifically suffer with blurry eyes, although her eyesight has got worse, meaning her regular prescription glasses have to be stronger. I Hope this answers your questions.


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