Just a little tradition…

 Hello!  In my home town, I am the youngest member of our events committee! We are trying our hardest to revitalise the town and put on events for the younger generation to enjoy!  We organised a fun week, which just so happens to be this week! We started on Saturday with our Spring Fair... Continue Reading →


Guilty pleasures.

Good morning, It's finally the half term, time to get packed for our big move and time to catch up on some sleep! I tend to get the feeling that locking myself away and sleeping for 300 hours would be a good solution ! So along with this trending feeling, I thought I would tell... Continue Reading →

A bigger nest!

  Good Morning, As some of you may know yesterday was World MS day, Media coverage from ITV has finally been released, much too my relief. The importance of days such as yesterday, highlights the significance of raising awareness, fundraising and supporting those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses. I often query how I... Continue Reading →

Fuel tank on empty…

Good Morning! We are in the last week before half term and I am dragging. The stress and worries of exams, everyday life and my social life leave me feeling haggered! No matter how many hours of sleep I get, it’s seems that I can’t shake the feeling of being absolutely exhausted! To put it... Continue Reading →

Feeling the pressure…

Good morning! As well as my daily responsibilities, I still experience the everyday teenage problems. I have fallouts with my friends, drama over pitiful things and I have doubts constantly filtering through my head.  Like so many teenagers, I experience the anxiety associated with being my age. I'm very self conscious, I want to have... Continue Reading →

Winding down.

Good Morning, One thing I use to wind down is my art, as I've previously explained my drawings help me to express myself - this was helpful when I felt isolated. Coupled with my love for all things Disney, I can doodle for hours depending on my mood, I will try to reflect my emotions... Continue Reading →

Updates and Pig-dates! 

Good Morning! Yesterday was a day of anticipation, worry and non-stop hecticness! Mum had to visit the Hospital for an appointment with the consultant - she received the results of her recent MRI scan. Every so often, Mum has to go for an MRI. This means that the Doctors can monitor and manage Mum's illness... Continue Reading →


Hello, It is getting rather hectic in the world of The Odd Pigeon, good hectic, I promise! With Packing, working on weekends, Caring, Homework, Blogging and now more things to do, I have the occasional moment of "Just Breathe!" I have been given some amazing opportunities that I've jumped at the chance to do, I... Continue Reading →

36 days…

Good morning! It has been 36 days since I posted my first ever blog, I could never have imagined the good things that have come out of it - I wouldn't change it for the world! All the positive news has given me the opportunity to reminisce on my childhood memories; the good ones!  My... Continue Reading →

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