Wounded soldier…

Hello,  Yesterday, I went with the school to Devons Crealy as a reward trip for students, who maintain good behaviour and a positive attitude to work. We had so much fun, for me, the morning was fun.  About an hour in, we had been on lots of rides, Swinging chairs, The Pirate Ship, The Death... Continue Reading →



Good Morning, Everything is beginning to balance out a little, mum has admitted that she needs to rest and not try to undertake the house work or other tasks that she struggles with. When I find myself in a difficult situation, I often find myself pushing those I love away - I find it easier... Continue Reading →


Good Morning, It's been a mad few days with Mum's semi - relapse, and I am shattered, but I do it all out of love. I've tried to do all I can to make Mum comfortable, especially when the Neuralgia builds. If I'm honest, I am almost falling asleep writing this - the reality of... Continue Reading →

I’m back!! 

Guess what? I'm back, finally! I must say I felt lost without the comfort of my lovely blog and the beautiful comments I receive from all of you! The move went well, the house is beautiful and the unpacking is almost done; much to my relief! The past two weeks, have given me an opportunity... Continue Reading →

Moving day!!

Thursday 9th June is the day! As well as the This Morning interview being aired between 10.30 and 12.30, it is in fact Moving Day!!  Where did that time go? I just wanted to let you know that, because of the move I won't have Internet access for several days, meaning no blogs! Sorry for... Continue Reading →

Your dreams come true…

Good Morning! I'm sorry for the wait! I know some of you have been pining for this specific blog, but circumstances can't be helped some times. To put it in short, I had the most amazing half term! On Thursday 2nd of June, This Morning television came to interview me, for the Carers Week media... Continue Reading →

It’s not a puppet show…

Good Morning, Monday is a very important day, I'll tell you via Twitter and Facebook closer to the time, it's going to be exciting! But, in the meantime, I wanted to target something specific today; discrimination The other day, Mum was walking in town and took a fall, infront of a row of traffic. No... Continue Reading →

When you wish upon a star…

Good Morning! I found a quote yesterday, "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger!" I've recently been told to be true to myself, and maybe today's happenings will make me believe in myself.  Today we have some very important guests - the production team from 'This Morning' television. I'm truly touched by this... Continue Reading →

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