Happy Birthday Beautiful xx

I would like to wish my amazing nanny a very Happy Birthday! Thankyou for everything you do, for putting smiles on our faces and comforting us when times are hard. You're an inspiration to not only me but everyone around you! Your mummy Violet and Daddy George would have been so so proud of what... Continue Reading →


Am I bad?

Am I bad? Bad to stop someone getting hurt; it's for the best. Mum is too fragile and unbalanced at the minute, I can't be left to pick up the pieces again. As much as I want her to be happy, they ultimately hurt her, they use her and break her, they gain her trust... Continue Reading →

Facing Demons.

We are being tested; our family, like so many families are being pushed to the limits. Emotions are cruel and heartbreaking, they make people cripple and break into pieces. Like people, emotions can be manipulated, concealed, but they are still there, deep down. Uncovering these feelings is the most painful thing to do in the... Continue Reading →

Meet Hagrid!

Good Morning, This week I am working every day; which will be tiring, but I enjoy it all the same! Yesterday, I saved this little guy, who I named Hagrid! He was lying limply on the floor, so I mixed up a solution of sugar and water then poured it around him. He drank some... Continue Reading →


Good Morning, How are you? Yesterday was the last day of term, my final day as a Year Nine Student, which means Celebration Assembly. In the assembly, they announce titles such as prefects, head pupils and House Captains! I was overjoyed to hear my name announced as one of four House Captains for my deme.... Continue Reading →

My Quotes Book 📖

Hello!  For about a year now, I have had this embroidered journal style book, which I call my "quotes book". I fill it with quotes depending on my mood or challenges I'm facing in my life at that present time. I began quoting in early 2015, and now have filled a large part of my... Continue Reading →

Scorching summer ☀️ 🌎 

Good Morning,  In this incredibly hot heat, I'm hoping to kick off the summer on a good note, but the MS has other plans. One thing that can both benefit and agitate the MS, is heat. Mum suffers terribly with the heat, she describes herself as feeling like a 'hot potato'. When she feels like... Continue Reading →

Masks of life…

It's about time that I open up a bit more; I feel as though I've shut myself off for some reason. In the last few days I have been thinking; about scars and how everyone has a mask. No matter who we meet, everyone has a story and there is always going to be someone... Continue Reading →

Activities Week

Good Morning, This week is Activities week, a week that comes around every year, where Key Stage Three Students (years 7/8/9) participate in their chosen Activities, while the Year Tens complete their work experience. I chose to take part in Wildlife Garden for all five days of my week, and so far it has been... Continue Reading →

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