FRIDAY AUGUST, 31ST 2018. I don't particularly know where I've been for the past four months, buried in some deep hole of work and busy schedules, but today has been the best day I've had in forever! They don't prepare you for college at secondary school, they give you "extra adult responsibility" whilst still treating... Continue Reading →


Guys, Cries and GCSE’s!

This year has been many things; a learning curve, a time of pure happiness, a time of grief and a time of immense heartbreak. But hey, I survived! As much as times like these are incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally, I can't help but appreciate the beauty of it all; life. Life's taught me... Continue Reading →

To the love of my life…

To the love of my life, It's not at all that I'm not moving on. It's not that I'm waiting for you to run back, begging to be happy with me again. But you must understand that you've left a considerable path in my life that I must heal first, instead of hurting others with... Continue Reading →

Doormats, Do’s & Don’ts.

Hello beautiful people! Today I thought I would share with you five principles I feel strongly about; be it in life, friendships or relationships, these are five things that I believe to be important for me! *disclaimer* This is MY principles, not a reflections on others, their decisions or otherwise. Keep your knickers on darlings... Continue Reading →


Long time no see, eh? Life changes, and unbeknown to most, the role as a carer does too. As im nearing closer to no longer being classified as a Young Carer; Eighteen years old, I've somewhat had to come to accept that my role has changed. For the past eight years, my life has been... Continue Reading →

Marcisse Xx

You know just as well as I do that I've never really known what it felt like to be appreciated, valued and cherished. I have never known what its like to feel worth in myself, and not this huge self-hatred that was rife in me before, and more than that I havent known the feeling... Continue Reading →

Why I chose study leave!?!

Morning, I needed to write. I'm a week into my exams and I thought I wouldn't blog until after, but I had this overwhelming, and consuming feeling that I needed to. Things I needed to say. Things that bugged me, decisions I've made. So here we are... You would hope that in a growing modern... Continue Reading →

The most important thing I’ve learnt.

Dear Megan, Thank you, that's all I can really express; just thank you. In just four months, you're inspiration, confidence and honesty has not only made me feel more confident, strong and worthy, but it has taught me valuable lessons in reclaiming the concepts I've been taught by society. No longer will I work out... Continue Reading →

“You can do better”

Happy Weekend! I'm currently very busy, with my GCSE exams looming in just three weeks, it's all about studying and trying to sleep as much as possible; (just general survival really!) Although, today I wanted to talk about something that's been bugging me recently. People saying "You have so much more potential" or " You... Continue Reading →

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