A little imperfect, eh?

So many times I write on this blog, "be positive" and "love who you are" and that's true, of course it's true - it's seems easy to say those words, but it's almost a marathon to act on that. Day in day out, loving yourself entirely - as much as we all try that seems... Continue Reading →



How are you? How am I? These past few weeks have been a tale of something happy - the beginning of good things, a grasp of who I am and who I would like to become. It's been weeks of accomplishment, laughter, amazing nights out and more sleep than I've had in a whole year;... Continue Reading →

// A note to you all //

Heyy, It's young carers Awareness Day today, and I'd just like to let you all know that where ever you are, you are incredible! You can achieve as much as you wish from life, if you only have the courage and a kind heart! I love you all, all of you // you're my inspirations... Continue Reading →


Heyy, I'm bad at this, I've lost touch with anything normal in my life, but things are changing now. Not to mention, the immense writing block I'm facing right at this minute, it just feels good to write something... anything other than school notes and revision. This year is going to be a year for... Continue Reading →


It's been a while. It certainly has - a lot has changed. On the 5th November 2017, we said goodbye to Sasha, our family pet; it hurt like hell. There is nothing much we can say, shes not suffering now, and it was the right time - for her. The house felt so empty, so... Continue Reading →


Train... train... train and more train! A picture is worth a thousand words, so this is my trip to London, my talk to the NGS, and then the trip home...

This is MS.

I like sitting and watching... watching from the side of a room, seeing others submerged in their lives. It somehow reminds me that our lives move on no matter if we want them to or not. This is often the perspective we have to take on Mum’s MS. This is MS. This is our everyday.... Continue Reading →

Stop dreaming… start doing!

I’ve been having to think a lot lately about the future. Now... this could easily become an extremely sensitive subject to any one of us. I’ve had to think in depth about my “aspirations”, but all the while taking into account my “circumstances”. It’s not that I’m unsure of what I’d like to do, or... Continue Reading →


I'm having one of those days today, where every little things either turns me into a fire-breathing dragon or a sobbing mess, and with either I have little or no warning whatsoever, and all I can say is tread carefully my friends :(( Just a little warning before I cry again...  Bla, bla, bla. What... Continue Reading →

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