Them :) 

When I first started blogging, I was unsure of where exactly I wanted it to take me. I wasn't certain of how long it would last, or if it would succeed at all - as the past year and a half has progressed, my perception has changed.  I told you all in my last blog... Continue Reading →


The. Odd. Pigeon.

It's been so long I know... but a huge part of me wants to come back... It's 4am, and I know I should be asleep (trust me I know ;))) but I can't sleep with that sinking feeling that I'm losing myself. I've felt it from the second that I stopped blogging, and I guess... Continue Reading →

Ms Awards: processing…

There isn't much I can express at the moment, apart from that I have had the most incredible day! It has been amazing meeting up with all the inspiring people at the Ms Awards!  For now I'm going to leave with you with some photos, until tomorrow, when I'm hoping I can process this complete... Continue Reading →

Thursday: travel with me! 

10.15am That's it... for the next four hours, seat 17b is my home.  I like trains, they remind me of the movies, with the music playing in the background when people are lost in thought, but also because you can see so much of each city you pass. You see people getting on with their... Continue Reading →

Wednesday: Thinking… 

If you're reading this now... well done, I actually wrote something; I overcame the threat of the blinking cursor on a blank page, a bloggers worst nightmare. I was sat thinking last night, about how far I've come. Call it what you will, I reflected on the past two years of my life and for... Continue Reading →

Walks & Talks…

I know it's been far too long - inevitably I've gotten out of my groove. So much has been occupying my life, I've not thought about sharing it with you all. From endless games of football on sunny days... to long walks; my Easter Holidays has been good.   As a lot has changed, I... Continue Reading →

What a year!?

Happy Birthdayyyy!!! I can't quite believe it - The Odd Pigeon has been online for a whole year! We've all come so far, there has been laughter, happiness, and inevitably tears, but what a year it has been. Here's some of the many highlights...  It all began with the idea of a name, the inspiration... Continue Reading →

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